Choice and reservation of company name

Updated last 26.03.2021

A key feature of a company is its name (company name). It has to be chosen at the time of the establishment of the company and must be unique. This means that it is not allowed to have two companies with the same name.

How do I reserve a company name?

The reservation of a name (company name) is a service provided by the Registry Agency, which in its essence represents the reservation of a name for a certain period of time. During the reserved period of time no other person may register a company under the same name.

The company name is determined freely by the trader and must not be misleading or harming the public order and morals.. It is mandatory that the name is written in Bulgarian language, while in addition it may be written in another language.

Important to know
Important to know

Prior to the filling-in of the application at the website of the Commercial Register you can check whether the name chosen is already selected by another trader.

Reservation of a name is made by virtue of filing a standard form application1 with the Commercial Register. Application is form “D1” (in Bulgarian: Д1) and it may be filed on site at the registration desk of the Registry Agency or online via the website of the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities.

A qualified electronic signature held by the applicant or a person authorised by the applicant is required to file an online application.2

What is the period of time over which a name is reserved?

A name is reserved for the applicant over a period of 6 months. During the time only the applicant may register a company under that name.

When the 6-month term expires, there is no obstacle to file a new application and to reserve the name for a new period of 6 months.

Why should you reserve a company name?

It makes sense to reserve a name when the entrepreneur/future partners have selected a vacant name, but are not ready to register a company yet.

There is no legal obstacle to reserve more than one name. Their reservation does not give rise to an obligation to register a company.


The filing of the application online is recommended as it saves time and effort and the fee due to the Registry Agency is fifty percent lower. In case of filing the application to reserve a name on site the fee amounts to BGN 40, while electronic reservation costs BGN 20.

For more information
For more information Additional information may be found on the website of the Registry Agency.

1Application template may be found here in Group D (in Bulgarian: „Д“) from the drop-down menu.

2Clarifications of the electronic document and electronic signature terms