Foreign Economic Cooperation

Director Teodora Boteva
+359 2 940 7701, +359 2 940 7019
12, Knyaz Alexander І str., Sofia
9.00 - 17.30

Foreign Economic Cooperation Directorate has the following functions:

Works out proposals and participates in the implementation of the State policy in the field of the foreign economic and trade relations.

Analyzes and makes proposals for development of the State strategy for the foreign economic and trade cooperation with countries and regions, as well as by development of programs and projects; studies and analyzes the economic, trade and investment legislation of the partner countries.

Makes ready proposals for the implement of bilateral visits and meetings at governmental level and coordinates the preparations on foreign economic issues.

Coordinates the preparation of the Bilateral Intergovernmental Economic Sessions as well as meetings of other forms of bilateral commercial and economic cooperation; provides the current work and coordinates the implementation of its tasks in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant administrations in order to prepare and conduct the sessions and meetings.

Submits and coordinates the implementation of initiatives for the presentation of the economic opportunities and the export potential of the Republic of Bulgarian; coordinates the implementation of the State policy for export promotion and contributes to the national participation in international fairs and exhibitions.

Coordinates the preparation and the implementation of negotiations on Agreements of economic cooperation and assists the preparation and conduct of negotiations on agreements on mutual protection and promotion of investments; delivers opinions on draft of treaties drawn up by other administrations.

Provides the functions of the Minister for the implementation of inter-state cooperation and the implementation of the bilateral agreements of the Minister’s competence;

Coordinates the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in international initiatives with economic focus.

Coordinates and participates in the implementation of trade and economic cooperation at a regional level between the local administrations and those of the respective partner countries.

Carries out the operative management of the activities of the Trade-Economic Services at the Republic of Bulgaria’s foreign missions abroad and coordinates their working plans of action and specific tasks in conducting the foreign economic policy of the country;

Through the services for Trade and Economic issues to the representations of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad:

• suggests and participates in the conduct of the economic policy and the protection of the economic interests of Bulgaria in the host country;

• suggests and organizes events for the realization of the economic priorities of the country, expanding exports, draw of investments and tourists and promotes the potential of Bulgaria as a reliable economic partner;

• provides information of the economic development, the foreign economic policy and market condition in the host country;

• assists in the establishment of contacts and cooperation between the State institutions of Bulgaria and the host country and the preparation of visits of delegations on economic issues in the host country;

• assists the Bulgarian business in their trade activities in the host country.

Contacts and exchanges information with the trade and economic missions, accredited in Bulgaria; maintains working relations with relevant administrations and other institutions and organizations in the foreign countries on issues related to external economic policy and informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other concerned Ministries and administrations.

Interacts with the Center of the Bulgarian industry in Moscow on issues of trade-economic and marketing activities on the Russian market.