Head Rositsa Apostolova
+359 2 940 7345
8, Slavyanska str., Sofia
9:00 - 17:30

The Inspectorate is directly subordinate to the Minister and support the implementation of control functions in the conduct of public policy by exercising administrative control over the organizational structures and administrative units in ministries and in secondary spending to the Minister.

The Inspectorate investigates following an annual schedule and unscheduled inspections by an order determined by the Minister to the established internal rules for the operation of the unit.

In the performance of the Inspectorate shall be guided by the principles of legality, loyalty, honesty, impartiality, political neutrality, responsibility and accountability.

Inspectorate activity is aimed at a comprehensive, objective and accurate clarification of the potential problems and proposing measures to resolve them.

The Inspectorate performs control functions such as:

  • assist the Minister in respect of the implementation of measures resulting from the annual programs for implementing the strategy for preventing and combating corruption;
  • supervise and carry out inspections under the Act to prevent and detect conflicts of interest and the Minister of specific actions;
  • carries out activities related to monitoring, prevention and detection of corruption cases, including cases of fraud and irregularities at the Ministry and secondary spending to the Minister;
  • examines and investigates signals for corrupt practices, conflicts of interest and other violations, illegal or improper acts or omissions of employees at the Ministry and secondary spending, including for violations occurring in connection with the provision of funds and EU programs and report the results, analyze the causes and conditions of the violations and propose measures for their removal, prepare and send responses to senders of signals;
  • verify compliance with internal rules of organization of the administration;
  • may propose disciplinary proceedings for violations of duties and the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants, the Law on preventing and detecting conflicts of interest and internal regulations in the Ministry;
  • monitor compliance with recommendations of external audit and inspection bodies in their reports, which are aimed at him;
  • in its inspection analysis examined the effectiveness of activities and facilities;
  • perform other activities related to administrative controls imposed by the regulations or assigned by the Minister.

Head of inspectorate reports directly to the Minister.

In performing their functions, staff of the inspectorate of the Ministry may require that documents, data, information, references and other media from the inspected persons who are required to perform the checks. Employees at the Ministry and secondary spending to the Minister are required to cooperate fully with the inspectors in carrying out their functions.

Head of the Inspectorate shall submit an annual report to the Minister on the activities of the inspectorate during the year.