Aid for hiring disadvantaged employees, in the form of subsidized salaries

Updated last 26.03.2021

The eligible costs include payroll expenditures for a maximum of 12 months starting on the date of hiring a disadvantaged employee. If the respective employee is extremely disadvantaged (when she/he has not been employed at a regular paying job at least 24 months or respectively 12 months, if she/he is between 15 and 24 years of age or older than 50 years of age; she/he has not completed upper level of general education course or professional qualification or respectively 2 years have passed from her/his graduation and she/he has yet to find regular job; she/he lives alone or supports more people; works in a sector, in which the inequality between sexes is higher than 25 % of the average and she/he belongs to the poorly presented sex; constitutes an ethnic minority and is in need of raising her/his language or professional qualification or work experience), the eligible costs include payroll expenditures for a maximum of 24 months, starting from the employment date.

The aid intensity is up to 50 % of the eligible costs. If the period of employment is shorter than 12 months or than 24 months for the working in severe disadvantageous situation, the aid is decreased proportionally.