Erasmus+ Program

Updated last 26.03.2021

What is the program about?

Erasmus+ is the EU program for promotion of education, training, youth and sports in Europe. It is envisioned to provide opportunities to more than 4 mln Europeans for studying, internships, gaining experience or working on volunteer basis abroad in 2014-2020.

Within the programme period 2021 – 2027 special attention is paid to the social inclusion, the ecological and digital transition and the encouragement of the young people’s participation in the democratic life.

What is the main goal of the program?

The program is about building strong partnerships between education and business to promote innovation and competitiveness, at the same time incentivizing employment with a special focus on youth unemployment. The programme is focused also on the possibilities and opportunities for the European citizens to receive more and higher knowledge, skills and competences, needed in the dynamically changing society, which becomes increasingly more mobile, multicultural and digital. The goal is the adoption as a standard the stay in another country for the purpose of studying and working and speaking two more languages in addition to the native language. The programme is a key component, supporting the goals of the European Education Area, the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027, the European Youth Strategy and the European Union Sport Working Plan.

Based on the success of the programme within the period 2014-2020, Erasmus + strengthens its efforts for increase of the offered opportunities for more participants and for a wider circle of organizations. The programme’s specific objective is to reach the people with less possibilities, including the disabled people and the immigrants, as well as the European Union citizens, living in far away regions or facing social – economic difficulties. Thus the Programme will encourage its participants, especially the young people to become engaged and to learn to participate in the civil society, raising the awareness of the common values of the European Union.

What is the budget of the program?

The Programme’s budget is in the amount of EUR 26.2 billion. This is almost twice compared to the previous programme (for the period 2014 – 2020).

Who is eligible to apply under the program/eligibility criteria?

The applicant and the project should meet any and all eligibility criteria, related to the procedure under which the proposal is submitted. If the project doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria at the stage of the applying, it will be rejected without additional evaluation. If at the stage of the implementation and final report it turns out that these criteria are not met, the activities may be considered ineligible with subsequent refund of the EU grants, allotted initially for the project.

The particular eligibility criteria, applicable for each of the procedures, implemented through the guidelines of the Programme “Erasmus +”, are described in Part B of the Guidelines.

What are the deadlines for application in calls for proposals under the program?

Each call for proposals specifies a concrete application deadline.

How can you apply under the program?

Every year on the website of the Program a call for proposals is announced with the possibilities for organizations and individuals involved in education, training, youth and sports. The call specifies the objectives of the program and a general review of the activities along which it is organized, eligible participants, budgets, duration of projects and deadlines.

Some specific calls for proposals are announced centrally on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

In accordance with the European Union priorities, the projects should be elaborated with ecological focus and they should include green practices in any and all their aspects. The participating organizations and participants should use environmental approach at the preparation of their projects, which will encourage them to discuss and acquire knowledge to that regard, including stimulating them to apply alternative, more environmentally-friendly ways for the performance of their activities.

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