“Horizon Europe” Programme

Updated last 26.03.2021

The “Horizon Europe” Programme is a continuation of the “Horizon 2020” Programme.

“Horizon Europe” is the future framework program of the European Union in the sphere of the scientific research and innovations for the period 2021 – 2027. The programme’s budget is close to EUR 95.5 billion (that’s an increase of 30 % compared to the last program for scientific research and innovations “Horizon 2020”).

“Horizon Europe” is expected to increase the EU role in the sectors of the science and technologies in view of overcoming the main global challenges in spheres of life-important significance, such as healthcare, population aging, security, pollution and climate change. To that relation “Horizon Europe” will encourage the high achievements and provide valuable support to the best researchers and innovators, to give an impetus to long-term sustainable changes, needed for ensuring green, healthy and sustainable Europe.

The “Horizon Europe” proposal includes three piers:

  • high achievements in the scientific sphere;
  • global challenges and competitiveness of the European industry (supporting scientific researches, focused on the public challenges and the industrial technologies in spheres such as digital technologies, energy, mobility, food and natural resources)
  • innovative Europe (encouraging the innovations through creation of European Innovation Council. It will provide “one-stop shop” to the innovators with huge potential.

Moreover “Horizon Europe” will encourage the participation and minimize the differences among the states in the sphere of the scientific research and innovations through a wide specter of measures for aid to the states with lower results in the area of the scientific research and innovations for creating centers for high achievements, for improving the capacity thereof and for easing the cooperation connections. For the purpose 3.3 % of the programme’s budget will be set aside, which represents a significant increase compared to “Horizon 2020”.

“Horizon Europe” will increase its impact, working in close cooperation with another EU programmes and policies, such as InvestEU, “Erasmus +”, the EU Cohesion Policy, “Digital Europe”, the European structural and investment funds, the Connecting Europe Facility and the Recovery and Resilience Facility, in view of encouraging the fast distribution at national and regional level and the adoption of the results from the scientific research and innovations.

Further information about the programme is available here.