Life Program

Updated last 26.03.2021

What is the program about?

The LIFE Programme is the only European-level programme, dedicated fully to the environmental preservation and to actions against the climate changes. The budget thereof for 2021 – 2027 is in the amount of EUR 5.4 billion. For environmental initiatives are set aside EUR 3.5 billion, and for climate-related actions – EUR 1.9 billion. The Programme is a part of the European Commission Green Pact Proposal.

The program is managed by the EC, individual components being delegated to the Executive Agency for SME (EASME).

Any state or private company in the EU may participate in LIFE Program as coordinator or joint beneficiary. Each subprogram has three priority areas in which SME can apply.

For Environment:

  • Environment and resource efficiency;
  • Nature and biodiversity;
  • Environmental governance and information.

For Climate Action:

  • Mitigation of climate change;
  • Adaptation to climate change;
  • Climate governance and information.

What is the main goal of the program?

LIFE Program is the instrument of the EU for funding activities related to the environment and climate.

The main characteristics of the new LIFE Programme are:

  • Stronger focus on the clean energy: One of the main goals of the new LIFE programme is to stimulate and encourage investments and to support activities, directed towards the energy efficiency, more particularly in the European regions, falling behind in view of the transition to clean energy;
  • Higher focus on the nature and the bio-diversity: The new LIFE Programme will support projects, which stimulate and encourage the best practices regarding the nature and the bio-diversity, as well as new, special “environmental protection strategic projects” for all member states in relation to the support of the integration of the goals of the policies in the sphere of the environment and bio-diversity in other funding policies and programmes, such as the agriculture and regional rural development, ensuring more continuous approach in the various sectors;
  • Permanent support and aid for the circular economy and mitigation of the consequences of the climate changes: The new Programme will continue to support important goals of the EU policies, such as the transition to circular economy, the preservation and improvement of the air and water quality in the European Union, the application of the political framework in the area of the energy and climate until 2030 and the implementation of the Union’s commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change;
  • Simplified and more flexible approach: The new programme is thus developed and elaborated, ensuring that it is simpler, more flexible and facilitates a larger geographical access. It will be aimed at development and application of new innovative ways for handling the related to the environment and the climate challenges. It will also guarantee sufficient flexibility for handling the new and important priorities, occurring during the whole term of the Programme’s action and validity.

What is the budget of the program?

The budget of the program is EUR 5.4 bln.

What are the deadlines for application in calls for proposals under the program?

Each call for proposals specifies a concrete application deadline.

How can you apply under the program?

Calls for proposals are posted on the website of the EC.

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