Creative Europe Program

Updated last 26.03.2021

What is the program about?

Creative Europe is the 2021 – 2027 framework program of the EC for promotion of the cultural and audiovisual sector. It supports programs in the areas of culture, cinema, television, music, literature, performing arts, and heritage. These areas are recognized as important sources of employment and economic growth. Thanks to the 50 % higher budget in comparison to the one of the previous programme (2014 – 2020), the “Creative Europe” Programme will invest in actions, strengthening the cultural diversity and meeting the need and challenges of the cultural and artistic spheres.

What is the main goal of the program?

The Programme’s main goals are:

  • to protect, develop and promote the European cultural and language diversity and heritage;
  • to raise the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and artistic sectors, and more especially of the audio – visual sector.

More specifically the Programme’s goals and objectives are: to strengthen the cooperation in the sphere of the arts and culture at European level; to support the creation of European arts and works; to strengthen the economic, social and international dimensions of the European cultural and creative sectors; to provide advantages for and to facilitate the innovations and the mobility; to stimulate and encourage the cooperation in the sphere of the innovations, sustainability and competitiveness; to encourage the inter-sector innovative and joint ventures, as well as the diverse, independent and pluralistic media environment / media literacy, thus encouraging the freedom of artistic and creative expression, multi-cultural dialogue and social inclusion.

The Programme is divided in three main sub-programmes and strands:

  • Sub-programme Culture (encompassing all cultural and artistic sectors (with the exception of the audio – visual and film sector). The Sub-programme includes:

₋ Support and aid for cultural cooperation, networks of professional organizations, platforms for promoting European artists and works, individual mobility schemes.

₋ Sectoral support in the sphere of the music, books and publishing business, cultural heritage and architecture, as well as other sectors.

₋ Rewarding and encouraging the high achievements and the artistic excellence, such as awards for literature, music, architecture and cultural heritage.

The main new elements of the “CULTURE” Sub-programme include: stronger focus on the European trans-border art, dissemination and distribution of works and innovations in the cultural and artistic spheres. Easier access to funding along the line of “Creative Europe” through higher co-funding percentages. Custom-made scheme for mobility of the people of art and the specialists. Actions, focused on the specific for the sector needs, related to the music, literature, architecture, cultural heritage, design, fashion and cultural tourism.

  • Media Sub-programme (encompassing the audio – visual and the film sector). The Sub-programme includes:

₋ encouraging the cooperation, including at EU level.

₋ Encouraging the talents, irrespective of the origin thereof, and expansion of the participation and cooperation between the different states.

₋ Support and aid for the use of the new technologies in view of full utilization of the digital transformation.

₋ Encouragement of the ecologization of the industry and inclusion of public goals, such as the balance between the sexes and the diversity.

The supporting activities under the MEDIA Sub-programme are divided in four thematic clusters:

₋ Contents: encouragement of the cooperation and the innovations at the creation and producing of high-quality works;

₋ Business: encouragement of the business innovations, the competitiveness, the opportunities for growth and the talents in view of strengthening the European industry over the competition worldwide.

₋ Public: improving the accessibility to and the visibility to the works for their potential public through distribution channels and initiatives for attracting more visitors.

₋ Policy: support for the discussions regarding the policy / exchange forums, research and reports. Encouraging the activities for raising the awareness.

  • Cross-sectoral strand (facilitating the cooperation among the creative and artistic spheres and encompassing the sector of the news media). The aid and supporting actions under the CROSS-SECTORAL strand will be focused on:

₋ The trans-border cooperation in the area of the politics: encouragement of the awareness in relation to the programme and supporting the results’ transferability.

₋ Laboratories for creative and artistic innovations: stimulating the application and use of innovative approaches in the cultural and artistic sectors in relation to the creation, access, distribution, dissemination and promotion.

₋ News Media: support and aid for the media literacy, quality journalism, as well as the media freedom and pluralism.

What is the budget of the program?

The budget of the program is EUR 2.44 bln.

What are the deadlines for application in calls for proposals under the program?

Each call for proposals specifies a concrete application deadline.

How can you apply under the program?

Calls for proposals are available on the website of the European Commission.

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