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January 16, 2015
Decreasing regulations was demanded by the Aurubis management at a meeting with Minister Loukarsky
The issue of reducing administrative burdens and regulations for the businesses was raised by the management of leading German company Aurubis at a meeting held today with Minister of Economy Bojidar
December 11, 2014
Minister Bojidar Loukarsky turns the first sod of a main building in Sofia Tech Park
"Sofia Tech Park is a strategic project for the country focused on the development of innovation, new technologies and science". That was said by Economy Minister Bojidar Loukarsky whilst turning the
November 20, 2014
Minister Loukarsky: "We are working on reducing of administrative burdens on businesses"
Our efforts are aimed at reducing of the administrative burden and ensuring a favorable and predictable business environment". That was stated by the Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsky at the
November 18, 2014
Minister Loukarsky: "Our priority is to develop a stable investment climate"
"The Ministry of Economy is really committed to further improve the business environment and you can count on our active cooperation and support. We will work hard in order to implement the economi
November 7, 2014
The Ministers of Economy, Energy and Tourism took up their posts
The main priority of our work will be the development of small and medium business, which in leading European countries such as Germany and the Great Britain is the backbone of the economy. We will ma
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