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March 14, 2018
Bulgarian Presidency puts forward a vision for the EU’s next industrial strategy
The Bulgarian Presidency today steered a debate among EU member states about what the next EU industrial policy strategy should look like. Following the discussion, chaired by the Bulgarian Minister f
March 6, 2018
Minister Karanikolov launches a Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship in Europe
A major challenge for Europe is creating conditions, enabling more entrepreneurs, as they create new businesses, create new jobs, develop new skills and markets. Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov a
February 27, 2018
EU trade ministers discuss the prospects of the multilateral trading system
The prospects of the multilateral trading system and the options for a better functioning of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) were discussed at an informal meeting of the EU ministers responsible fo
February 1, 2018
Ministers of Economy discuss the future of the European industrial policy
EU Ministers of Economy opened a political discussion on the future of industrial policy in Europe, with the aim of preparing a comprehensive and long-term EU industrial strategy with a horizon of 203
January 31, 2018
Minister Karanikolov: "Digitalization is one of the main drivers of innovation to enhance European competitiveness
The Common Industrial Policy Strategy should support the intensive introduction of innovation in production, industrial digitalization, job creation and improved access to financing for enterprises.
January 23, 2018
Minister Karanikolov: "We shall work for a comprehensive and long-term EU strategy for the industry
In order to respond to global economic processes and challenges, and to preserve Europe's competitiveness, a common industrial policy shall be necessary with closer policy coordination, also including
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