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January 13, 2016
Minister Loukarsky presented Sofia Tech Park to the delegation from Turkmenistan
The Minister of economy Bojidar Loukarsky, the Minister of regional development and public works, Lilyana Pavlova and the Executive Director of Sofia Tech Park, Elitsa Panayotova presented the newly o
January 12, 2016
The Deputy Minister Vezieva: The users can resolve the disputes with traders through the new sectorial reconciliation commissions at CPC
“Establishing the sectorial reconciliation commissions at CPC will help resolving the disputes between customers and traders out of court”. The Deputy Minister of economy Daniela Vezieva announced at
January 11, 2016
The Deputy Minister of economy, Petrov: We would like OPIC to be a factor for increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian business”
“We want OPIC to reach the Bulgarian business not only as a form of adoption funds but also as a factor to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian business. 24 projects amounting to more than BG
January 5, 2016
Minister Loukarsky awarded the first contracts under OP “Innovation and competitiveness“
“The contracts we award today are an expression of the commitment undertaken by the government to support the Bulgarian business. They will provide financial resource to more than 200 small and medium
December 3, 2015
Minister Lukarski: Sofia Tеch Park will become a catalyst of innovation processes in Bulgaria
„Sofia Tеch Park is one of our most ambitious projects which will turn into a catalyst of the innovation processes in the country“. This was declared by the Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski at th
November 24, 2015
Minister Lukarski Invited Chinese Investors to Our Industrial Zones and Sofia Tеch Park
“The Bulgarian Government states its strong support to the Initiative for Partnership between China and the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. For us the most significant result of similar par
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