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July 15, 2015
Deputy Minister Daniela Vezieva: There Is Serious Potential for Development of Innovations in Bulgaria
”There is a serious potential for the development of innovations in Bulgaria, our country occupies the 57th place throughout the world in conformity with the Report on Global Competitiveness and we ha
July 13, 2015
Bulgaria Becomes a Focus for the Investment Interest of Bavaria
Bulgaria turns into a focus for Bavarian investments. The reasons for the enhanced interest are the attained political stability and the visible efforts of the Bulgarian Government for the conduct of
June 17, 2015
Minister Lukarski: Bulgaria may be a reliable and perspective partner for Swiss business in South-Eastern Europe
It is of particular significance to assure our Swiss partners that Bulgaria is a reliable and perspective partner of the Swiss business in South-Eastern Europe. This was declared by the Minister of Ec
June 3, 2015
Bulgaria and Serbia Agree Expansion of the Economic Cooperation
“Bulgaria and Serbia have always been fraternal nations but we have not paid sufficient attention to the economic cooperation in the last few years, we have quite a lot of work to do and I hope that w
June 3, 2015
We Accelerate the Building Up of Road and Gas Projects with Serbia
Acceleration of the building up of the big infrastructural projects between Bulgaria and Serbia was agreed at the Second Session of the Joint Economic Commission between the two countries, which was c
May 19, 2015
German meat-processing investor is on the look for suitable factories and plots in Northern Bulgaria
A German meat-processing company will be looking for suitable locations to open a production base in Northern Bulgaria. Specific opportunities will be investigated in the towns of Montana, Tyrgovishe,
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