Bulgaria will be an official partner of the WEBIT International Exhibition

Bulgaria will be an official partner of the WEBIT International Exhibition

After active work on the part of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Council of Ministers adopted a Decision to approve the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria as an official partner country of the International Exhibition WEBIT, which will be held on 30 and 31 October 2024 in Sofia.

The WEBIT brand is an entirely private Bulgarian initiative, launched in 2008, and until now there has been no similar forum in the world. The goal of the organizers is to change the image of Bulgaria by attracting global names from the technology sector, investors, entrepreneurs, top managers from the largest companies in the world and to turn Bulgaria into a hub of talent and opportunities to generate global business opportunities.

So far WEBIT Sofia events have been held for the first three years. From 2012 to 2016 Turkey became a partner country, then India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Miami, Davos joined.

In 2018, 27 countries and cities such as Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Budapest, Valencia, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc., are competing to host the annual WBIT event again, realizing and wanting to capitalize on the power of the brand, which according to the organizers and participants, has a return of over EUR 60 million.

WEBIT’s last project held in 2023 in Sofia — ‘Adapting to a Shared Future’, aimed at positioning Bulgaria’s capital as a meeting place for the world’s largest financial investors in various fields. This event was attended by investors who manage assets totalling over EUR 20 trillion. Some of the brightest minds in the industry were in attendance, presenting the latest ideas and opportunities, while providing ideas for adapting to the rapidly changing world around us. Alongside the conference, WEBIT also hosted a special InvestX event — just for investors, focusing on the Central and Eastern Europe region. With InvestX, Bulgaria entered the league of the world’s leading countries attracting the largest financial investors.

An event of this magnitude is a natural magnet for potential investors and innovators from all over the world, who are looking for new markets for investment on the one hand, and on the other — an opportunity for meetings at the level of government and business in Bulgaria, in order to gain contacts and access to funding at a global level.

Participation in these types of initiatives is a powerful tool for attracting investment, opportunities and innovation from around the world.