Bogdan Bogdanov: Ministry of Economy supports an initiative for the return of Bulgarians from abroad

Bogdan Bogdanov: Ministry of Economy supports an initiative for the return of Bulgarians from abroad

The Ministry of Economy and Industry becomes the first institution to join the ‘Bulgaria wants you’ platform

We are united by the idea to work for Bulgaria to become a country where young people find their successful realization. This was stated by the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov and Andrei Arnaudov, Chairman of the Movement for National Cause (MNC), whose main goal is demography and in particular to stimulate the return of Bulgarians living abroad back to the country. The two formally announced the launch of the partnership between the Ministry of Economy and Industry (MEI) and the Movement.

At the meeting it became clear that the Ministry became the first institution to join the ‘Bulgaria wants you’ platform. It can help Bulgarians who live abroad and have obtained a high level of qualification abroad to find their realisation here.

Minister Bogdanov said that one of the main tasks is to support the realization of educated Bulgarians from the country and abroad. “Bulgaria is developing and has excellent prerequisites for economic growth and increased investment, but a key issue at the moment is how to solve the demographic problem effectively and in a timely manner. It is high time to have a national priority around which we can unite and set an ambitious goal, which will reflect on all sectors,” the Minister stressed.

“The implementation of transparent and public policy and the implementation of prepared people with expertise in the administration is one of our main priorities. That is why the inclusion of the Ministry in the platform is extremely important,” he pointed out, adding that it would be useful in recruiting candidates for jobs in the Ministry, Bulgaria’s trade missions abroad, as well as in the public enterprises of the Ministry.

Both of them agreed that the Ministry and its representatives would participate in various initiatives such as the career forums for Bulgarians in the country and abroad organized by ‘Bulgaria Wants You’. The first of them will be in early November in Vienna. These events showcase job vacancies and create an environment for qualified people to meet their future employers and to choose their new job and development opportunities.

‘Bulgaria Wants You’ was created with the help of employers and businesses, supported by local and state authorities, with the aim of attracting Bulgarians from abroad and retaining Bulgarians in the country on the local labour market. It promotes Bulgaria as a place to live, pursue a career and start a family. The platform provides up-to-date information on the quality of life and social environment by city and region and creates a link between businesses and Bulgarians here and around the world by presenting job opportunities in Bulgaria.