Bojidar Loukarsy: The visa regime for Bulgarians should be considered during negotiations on Transatlantic agreement

“With regard to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States Bulgaria has officially stated its position that visa regime for Bulgarian citizens traveling to the United States should be considered whilst negotiating”. That was said by the Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsy at a press conference held today. He recalled that TTIP was among the main issues being discussed at the Council for Foreign Trade held in Brussels last week. The ministers took a decision to further negotiate under the agreement, which will encourage the investment and the trade and economic relations in the community.

“The visa regime is a private request of Bulgaria, which was set at the position of our country at the Council of Foreign Trade summit”, said Minister Bojidar Loukarsy. He has insisted that the government keep this issue to be discussed during the negotiations highlighting that our country does not raise it as a condition. “I hope to be really supported by the EU Member States, as well as to be understood by our US partners,” said the Minister of Economy. In his words, further talks should be also supported the US: “We expect their position in response to the decisions taken at the Council on Foreign Trade”.

Minister Loukarsy said that the Bulgarian position of principle regarding TTPIT coincides with the positions of the other EU member states. “All EU member states are of the opinion that the negotiations on the agreement should be continued and conducted with full transparency” , said the Minister of Economy. In his words, the Ministers at the Council on Foreign Trade have agreed the need for greater publicity and awareness of the draft clauses under the agreement to be made available to general public. “The EU high standards on goods that are imported by the USA should be maintained”, added Minister Loukarsky.