Bulgaria and Romania discuss initiatives for joint export to markets outside the EU

“The commercial and economic relations and potential of Bulgaria and Romania set a real possibility for a joint expansion on more distant markets. This will lead to an economic growth to the region, said Economy Minister Bojidar Loukarsky at a meeting held earlier today with Romanian Ambassador Anton Pacuretu.

According to Loukarsky such an initiative will allow the stepping on the markets being currently left outside the possibilities of the Bulgarian and Romanian business. “A main obstacle posed to the presence of Bulgaria goods and services on the markets of North Africa, the Middle East and China is for instance the impossibility to satisfy the demand in general. A joint effort with Romania would make this possible by giving a significantly bigger role of our countries on the international markets,” Loukarsky added. In his words, the spheres of food industry, engineering, electronics, electrical supplies and textile are suitable for cooperation since Bulgaria has long traditions,

“Our companies feel well in Bulgaria, which is a positive indication for other potential investors,” said Ambassador Pakuretu. He expressed that the two countries need coordination and regional solidarity and should be treated as a single entity while pursuing their goals at a European level.

Minister Loukarsky expressed readiness to continue talks and efforts to astablish particular measures to achieve joint priorities of both parties, as agreed at the meeting.