Bulgaria is preparing for the upcoming visit by Azerbaijani business delegation

Bulgaria is preparing for the upcoming visit by Azerbaijani business delegation

A large business delegation from Azerbaijan will visit Bulgaria aiming to acquaint with investment opportunities in our country, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, His Excellency Emil Karimov, proposed at a meeting held today with Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsky. He recalled that several high level visits of Bulgarian delegations to Baku to present a number of projects have been paid over the last 3-4 years. Our business would like to visit your country to become familiar with these projects not only in Sofia but also in other Bulgarian cities, the Ambassador Karimov said.

Minister Loukarsky expressed the Ministry of Economy readiness to organize the Bulgarian-Azerbaijani business forum and to arrange a visit of Azerbaijani delegation to our country. He assured that the Azerbaijani business is welcome in our country. According to him, there are good opportunities for setting up joint ventures in the country in sectors being traditionally considered as strong.

Ambassador Karimov noted that a decline in trade between the two countries has been noted in recent years. As he said, there are great opportunities for the development of trade relations in the fields of tourism, agriculture and industry. In his words, the Bulgarian agricultural products are highly valued as а taste and а quality in Azerbaijan, adding that they play a large role in the Azerbaijani market. Our Black Sea resorts and spas also attract Azerbaijani tourists. The ambassador noted that Azerbaijan develops two new ski centers and is interested in inviting Bulgarian ski instructors.

They discussed the upcoming working visit of Minister Loukarsky to Baku.