Cuba wants Bulgarian food back on their market

Cuba wants Bulgarian food back on their market

Cuba wishes to import again Bulgarian food products, as well as to develop joint enterprises in food industry. This was stated by Cuba’s Minister of Food Industry Maria del Carmen Concepssion on a meeting with BojidarLukarski, Bulgarian Minister of Economy and the delegation accompanying him in Havana. The portfolio of business opportunities that Cuba proposes in this field was represented at the meeting. MrsConcepssion specified that there already are foreign joint ventures entering the local market, such as the French “Perno Ricard” in the distribution of Cuban rum. The country already has 11 similar projects and 14 new ones were prepared for production activities in the field of food industry, such as production of dairy and meat products, coffee, dairy industry, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, canned food.

Minister Lukarski outlined that one specific opportunity was to restore the production of Bulgarian yoghurt for the Cuban market by our state company LBBulgaricum, owned by Ministry of Economy. SlaviAngelov, the Execvutive Director of the company, started talks about that with representatives of Cuban counteragents.

For her part, the Cuban Minister expressed her wish for increase of import of Cuban rum, cigars, coffee and other products for Bulgaria. In her opinion, opportunities exist for creating joint enterprises for distribution of Cuban goods. She invited our companies from the food industry to participate at the Food Fair in Cuba in July 2016 г. MarietaZaharieva, the Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium EnterprisesPromotion Agency, undertook to organize a delegation from small and medium companies in Bulgarian, which shall attend the fair with specific proposals.

Before that though the Bulgarian companies from the business delegation in Havana representedtheir opportunities at a meeting of Minister Lukarski and the Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba Orlando ErnandesGuien. The ZIT company stated interest in the field of production of fiscal devices. “StroitelnaMehanizatsia” company, on its side, expressed readiness to participate in replacement of water supply pipes in Havana working by the trenchless technology, “Bulgargeomin” represented its project for copper mining. The Bulgarian high-technology company Icygen in interested in hiring a high number of computer specialists. In this relation Minister Lukarski undertook the engagement to work on the preparation of agreement for exchange of university specialists from both counties.