Deputy Minister Vezieva presented the Innovative strategy of intelligent specialization

The Ministry of Economy will work on the reduction of the administrative weight on the small and middle-size business, declared today the Deputy Minister Mrs. Daniela Vezieva in Ruse, where together with a team of experts of the Ministry of Economy she presented the Innovative strategy of intelligent specialization of Bulgaria 2014-2020.

The Deputy Minister Vezieva informed that the next program period 2014-2020 is oriented to an intelligent development, i.e. sustainable life environment including activities related to the education, business and social life. The strategy developed by the Ministry of Economy and already approved concerns the innovations in the high technology and innovations related to the business insuring additional job places and added value products.

Actually the business activity is suffering from an important administrative load. The tax payment, regulatory regime and other requirements should be facilitated. The Ministry of Economy intends to simplify the procedures since the next financial year. Several documents, concerning the harmonization of the EU regulations and the prescriptions given by the European Commission have been prepared and are ready to be examined and adopted by the National assembly. In the beginning one or two licence regimes have to be discussed with the business players to find a working mechanism.

The Ministry of Economy undertook the ambitious step to become a good business partner to the Bulgarian companies, ensured Vezieva. She mentioned the visa problems, indicated by the construction sector. The other EU countries have regulated their process regarding the permanently residing citizens, while in our country the 90-days period after which the person is obliged to leave, is still applied. This creates a problem for the direct foreign investments, précised the Deputy Minister. She also indicated that to improve the results of the professional qualification and the job market it is important to change the Law for professional education and to apply the dual system.