Deputy Minister Vezieva: The Ministry of Economy works to improve the business environment

The Ministry of Economy will act to improve the business environment in Bulgaria and to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy, declared the Deputy Minister Daniela Vezieva on the Third business forum organized by the magazine Manager under the title “Bulgaria and the world in development: business environment, finances and investments”. The improvement of the business environment will bring more investments and a higher economical growth will follow, said the Deputy Minister Vezieva. She considers that the consumption will grow, due to the investments increase, which will open new jobs followed by further engagement of additional quantity of workers and employees.

One of the main problems for the business actually is the adoption of laws and regulations without analysing their influence on the economic activity, she said, and this influence on the enterprises and consumers attitude could be negative. The Ministry of Economy will create a department to analyse the benefits/costs proportion of all new laws and regulations having direct or indirect influence on the business, informed the Deputy Minister, to avoid adopting the ones which could hamper the economic activity.

The Ministry of Economy aims to improve year by year the ranking of Bulgaria on all important international comparative indexes, such as the Ease of doing business index of the World Bank, the Global competitiveness index of the World economic forum etc, declared Vezieva explicitly.