Deputy Minister Vezieva: We will be a good partner for the business

We will be a good business partner and therefore we work towards simplifying and facilitating of the administrative services, maintaining of a favorable business environment and promoting of investments and innovation. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva at the opening of the First official business meeting of Bulgarian Investment Building Association /BIBA/ in Burgas. She emphasized that one of the leading objectives of Bulgarian government is the effective management of EU funds, increasing the number of funds utilized by simplifying the procedures and enhancing transparency and control.

At the meeting in Burgas, before all the participants, who include property developers from across the country, established investors, representatives and managers of firms and companies operating in the construction sector, Deputy Minister Vezieva pointed out the will of the Ministry of Economy to improve the access to finance and to support small and medium-sized enterprises.” The objectives of Bulgarian Investment Building Association coincide quite a lot with those of the Government and I hope for a better dialogue between institutions, businesses and NGOs in the future, because our goal is common – economic stability of the country”, concluded the Deputy Minister.