Israeli Companies Interested in Joint Projects with Bulgarian Companies in the Dairy Industry

Israeli Companies Interested in Joint Projects with Bulgarian Companies in the Dairy Industry

Israeli companies are interested in joint projects with Bulgarian companies in the dairy industry. This became clear during meetings of the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov in the State of Israel with the management of companies in the livestock and dairy industries and developers of software solutions in the sector.

Israeli farms have achieved some of the highest levels of milk production in their farms, averaging 12,000 litres per cow per year. At the same time, specialised software manages the cow farms, giving full information about each animal in real time and analysing what in feeding and husbandry needs to change to maximise production. During a meeting with the company Akol, which is the owner of the IT product, Minister Stojanov discussed the possibilities of launching a joint project with LB Bulgaricum. ‘We are planning the state dairy enterprise to invest in its own cow farm, one of the possibilities is by attracting a foreign investor for this project,’ Minister Stojanov explained. Akol has been developing its product for 35 years and follows all aspects of this industry in Israel. Their customers are all milk producers and processors, unions, institutions, etc. ‘This interaction ensures full transparency in the sector and better traceability of the whole process,’ it was emphasized during the meeting.

Minister Stojanov also visited one of the largest cow farms in Israel, in Shoval, where he was introduced to the entire management process. The company stressed that all activities are as automated and optimized as possible — solar panels are installed on the roofs of the farm, biodiesel is produced and fertilizer is provided for agriculture. ‘Our goal is for the Bulgarian state company to invest in such a farm, as there is a shortage of milk in Europe and this will be a project that has serious potential,’ the Minister of Economy said.

White hard cheese, regardless of brand name, is called ‘Bulgarian cheese’ in Israel. This was highlighted during Minister Stojanov’s visit to one of the largest dairy processing enterprises in the State of Israel — Tarra-Industry. Opportunities for joint projects and encouraging the import of more food products from Bulgaria were discussed, based on the fact that our country has traditions and is known on their market.