Konstantin Palaveev is the New Executive Director of National Company Industrial Zones

Konstantin Palaveev is the New Executive Director of National Company Industrial Zones

By a decision of the sole owner of the capital of National Company Industrial Zones PLC (NKIZ) — the Ministry of Economy and Industry — the members of the management of the company are reduced from 5 to 3.

Konstantin Palaveev, Radostina Sitova and Andreana Premyanova-Yankova remain on the Board of Directors.

At its meeting of 25 July 2023, the new Board of Directors elected Konstantin Palaveev as the company’s CEO. He is a financier with extensive experience in investment, finance and asset management.

The other members of the Council are:

Andreana Premyanova-Yankova is a lawyer with over 20 years of professional experience in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of structuring business activities, planning and management of processes and projects.

Radostina Sitova is an economist with extensive experience in financial management and control, planning and implementation of strategic projects.

The aim of the changes is to implement a comprehensive new policy for the development of industrial zones and parks, based on a regional principle and linked to specific sectors.

Among the priorities of the Council is the development and construction of industrial parks and zones to be linked to the provision of appropriate infrastructure and predictability for business in the process of planning and implementation of investment intentions, with maximum transparency in the management of public resources.

‘Bulgaria needs ready zones with infrastructure in place. The new strategy for the development of the industrial zones aims to solve one of the main problems addressed to us by many of the investors we meet — unprepared industrial sites without the necessary infrastructure and resources,’ said Minister Bogdanov.

Emphasis will be placed on Northern Bulgaria, where there is potential for the development of industrial parks and zones, with the aim of helping the region to catch up with its economic gap with Southern Bulgaria, the minister said.