Minister Bogdanov: The future of Plovdiv Fair is of fundamental importance for the Bulgarian industry

Minister Bogdanov: The future of Plovdiv Fair is of fundamental importance for the Bulgarian industry

The Minister of Economy presented a vision for the development of the Fair to the Municipal Council in Plovdiv

The future of the Plovdiv Fair is of fundamental importance for the Bulgarian state and industry, and all those who have constructive proposals for it should join this dialogue. The state will actively participate in this dialogue together with all those who have a connection with it, a good strategy must be built to attract international exhibitors, paying attention to the high-tech segment. This was announced by Minister Bogdan Bogdanov, who presented the ministry’s vision at a session of the Plovdiv City Council.

Minister Bogdanov: The future of Plovdiv Fair is of fundamental importance for the Bulgarian industry

According to Minister Bogdanov, the vision aims Plovdiv Fair to expand its international presence by building international partnerships. Some of the measures set out in the document are related to attracting global economic forums, key industries such as the circular economy and renewable energy sources, organizing annual technology conferences, building an exhibition museum, online events and platforms, organizing festivals. According to the Minister, only in the last 15-20 years Plovdiv and the region have attracted more than 3 billion BGN investments. Minister Bogdanov pointed out that these companies should have their own podium, like the Fair, on which to build key partnerships.

“The issue today is not the ownership of the Plovdiv Fair, a decision about it is made elsewhere – in court. We need to make sure that with joint efforts it will last and become a centre of attraction for the industry, whether it is in the form of a public-private partnership or is fully state-owned, the bigger issue is to make sure that its image is restored and it is again a gateway for Bulgarian industry and industry,” he said.

“It is important for us that the Plovdiv Fair works and as long as we do not have a dialogue between the various shareholders, this cannot happen,” the Minister said. He was adamant that he would comment with absolutely everyone on the future of the Plovdiv Fair, with anyone who has ideas and is willing to share them, but the Ministry will not give up protecting the interest of the state. “The lawsuits that are being conducted have a very clear focus, the shares that have been given to the municipality of Varna to be returned to the state, not to be imported. For us, the two processes will run in parallel,” Minister Bogdanov said.

According to him, the Ministry of Economy has been an observer over the years and now the state should step into its role because the development of such an asset is linked to key priorities of the state.

Bogdanov stressed that the company is inefficiently managed and gave the example of the fair in Thessaloniki. “It is twice smaller in area than the Plovdiv Fair, but last year it attracted over 1,500 exhibitors and over 210,000 visitors. At the same time at the Autumn Technical Fair in Plovdiv, which is the largest exhibition, there were 200 exhibitors and 15 000 visitors”, said Bogdanov.

The Minister also said that at the earliest opportunity he would initiate a discussion with the Municipality of Varna. “We demand that the shares be returned, which is a decision the City Council has made but has not implemented,” Bogdanov said.