Minister Bogdanov: Bulgaria Has Excellent Conditions for Economic Growth and Increased Investment

Minister Bogdanov: Bulgaria Has Excellent Conditions for Economic Growth and Increased Investment

‘Bulgaria has excellent prerequisites for economic growth and increased investment, but a key issue at the moment is how to effectively and in a timely manner solve the demographic problem and the issue of the shortage of personnel.’ This was said by the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov during the forum ‘Career and Life — Why in Bulgaria?’, which was held yesterday and today in Sofia Tech Park.

In his words, for this to happen the commitment of all institutions is very important, as well as the teamwork between them. ‘It is high time that demographic policy becomes a national priority around which all institutions unite with the clear idea that this will have a positive impact on the development of all other sectors. If we do not solve the problem with demography, we will enter a stagnation — both economically and in the direction of a large part of the people who are here to look for a way out’, Minister Bogdanov emphasized.

He pointed out that it is important what message we will give both to the people abroad and to those here in Bulgaria. Bogdanov added that it is very important what kind of image we build for the country and what message we send to all Bulgarians.

The Minister of Economy stressed that some of the experts in the political cabinet of the ministry will be appointed after a competition and hopes in this way to attract prepared people to come back and help with their expertise in the management of the country. Bogdanov added that he is looking for motivated people for his team, who from day one will work for a more predictable economy and a country where young people can find their successful realization.

The topic of today’s forum is ‘Demography has no price’ and the organizers of the event are the Bulgaria Wants You platform and the Movement for a National Cause Association. The discussion was attended by Vice President Iliana Iotova, representatives of the legislative and local authorities, employers’ organizations, trade unions, business and others.