Minister Bogdanov and Employers’ Organizations will Actively Work to Ease the Administrative Burden on Business

Minister Bogdanov and Employers’ Organizations will Actively Work to Ease the Administrative Burden on Business

The Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov and representatives of the managements of the organizations — members of the Association of the Bulgarian Employers’ Organizations (AOBR) — the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (AIKB), Bulgarian Industrial Association (BSK), the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTPP) and the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB), who held a meeting at the invitation of the Minister, agreed to work together on a periodic review of the regulatory regimes and reduction of the administrative burden for business. Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova also attended the talks.

Bogdanov pointed out that easing the administrative and regulatory burden is one of the main priorities he has set in the work of the department. The minister gave the example of the digitalization of certain administrative processes to facilitate procedures for businesses.

He also stressed that he will work to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and tackle the challenges facing the development of industry, support small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as increase Bulgaria’s attractiveness for investment by improving the business environment and the regulatory framework. Minister Bogdanov and the employers’ organizations will actively work to ease the administrative burden on business.

Minister Bogdanov and Employers' Organizations will Actively Work to Ease the Administrative Burden on Business

The rule of law and the fight against corruption are among the main issues to encourage investments in Bulgaria, it was also pointed out at the meeting.

‘We want to create a mechanism for feedback from the business to improve communication and dialogue with employers’ representatives,’ Bogdanov said. The parties agreed on the need for regular meetings to be held once a month at the ministry on specific topics concerning Bulgarian business.

At the meeting the representatives of the AOBR expressed strong support for Bulgaria’s accession to the eurozone, our country’s accession to the Schengen area and the OECD, pointing out that these are priority issues for the business in the country.

Emphasis was also put on preserving the existing tax model in Bulgaria, pointing out that this is one of the biggest advantages of the Bulgarian economy.

The Minister of Economy and Industry and AOBR also discussed intensifying foreign economic cooperation through the Ministry’s Office of Trade and Economic Affairs. Bogdanov said that one of the main priorities in his work is to provide support for exports by raising the awareness of Bulgarian companies on the opportunities for entering new markets. He suggested that representatives of employers’ organizations should participate more actively in the process in order to achieve greater efficiency in the work, as well as to identify priority sectors that businesses are looking for in foreign markets.

Employers’ representatives also raised the issue of the lack of staff, as well as easing the procedures for importing workers.