Minister Bogdanov: Nearly BGN 800 million were awarded without public procurement in the State Consolidation Company

Minister Bogdanov: Nearly BGN 800 million were awarded without public procurement in the State Consolidation Company

Due to ineffective management and corruption in the company, the competent authorities have been referred

‘In the State Consolidation Company (SCC), the total amount of amounts awarded without public procurement directly is approximately BGN 800 million,’ Bogdanov said. This was said by the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov in the programme ‘On Focus’ on Nova TV. In his words, these assignments were rather made by incompetent managers of these companies and the minister does not see direct political or other interference in them. Bogdanov added that directors of some state-owned companies have spent official money on luxury goods and that is why funds for entertainment expenses are limited.

‘We have recovered BGN 45 million back to the SCC. The loan of BGN 126 million will be repaid. Our target is to complete the transaction by the end of the month and not to pay any interest, because BGN 22 million is only the interest paid on this loan. Bulgarian citizens should not pay them’, the minister further explained.

In his words, from 80 people on the boards of the companies under the umbrella of the State Consolidation Company there are already 70, and with the restructuring could become 20 people. ‘Now we are thinking about the future of these enterprises,’ Bogdanov said.

Regarding the Plovdiv Fair, the Minister said that at the moment its shares are secured and the state has a clear strategy and vision for its future development.

In Bogdanov’s words, the management of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP) is compromised in front of the public and the business and should be replaced. ‘The cabinet is looking for a sustainable solution to the case. We have proposed a team, the specific candidates are currently being discussed, the court’s decision on the change, which was made by the caretaker cabinet, is pending, the minister said. He pointed out that the CCP will be the main body that will protect the interests of consumers during the smooth changeover from lev to euro. ‘We will make a lot of efforts to ensure that there is no speculation when adopting the euro. It is important to monitor prices with the National Statistical Institute, it is also important for the CCP to step in,’ Bogdanov added.

Regarding Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen, the minister said that Bulgaria systematically follows its priorities.