Minister Bogdanov: It is important to restore trust in institutions

Minister Bogdanov: It is important to restore trust in institutions

State-owned enterprises are to join dual education development programmes

“Whatever goals we set ourselves economically or technologically, we cannot achieve them without developing human potential. To keep and attract people to Bulgaria, the most important thing is to restore trust in the institutions so that there is predictability and a clear horizon for them and their families.” This was said by the Minister of Economy and Industry at the third Powers Summit. According to him, staff development is a long term solution which unfortunately has been delayed over the years. “The main challenges for business are related to this fact,” Bogdanov said. The economy minister was adamant that neither the education system alone nor the import of staff from third countries could be relied on to solve this problem. “We need to have a clear vision on how to create these employees in Bulgaria, in sync with the business,” he stressed.

Minister Bogdanov: It is important to restore trust in institutions

In Bogdanov’s words, the Ministry of Economy and Industry is already working to facilitate access of the workforce to the labour market in Bulgaria. He announced that the state-owned enterprises, whose principal is the economic department, will join the programmes for the development of dual education.

Bogdan Bogdanov recalled that the Ministry of Economy is already engaged in initiatives related to the return of Bulgarians to the country. The Minister pointed to the announced competition for representatives in the Trade and Economic Affairs Offices (STIV) as another incentive for their implementation in the country. In his words, the announced procedures are fully open and transparent so that a wider range of prepared candidates can submit their applications.

“People have a future in Bulgaria and when we restore trust in the institutions, we will be able to see the results of the goals we have achieved,” Minister Bogdanov said.