Minister Nikolov: Demographic policy should be a nationalpriority

Minister Nikolov: Demographic policy should be a nationalpriority

‘Notwithstanding the dynamic pace of digitalisation and technological development , there is no doubt that people are the main resource with which policies in all areas must be tailored. That is why demographic policy must be a national priority.’ This is what the Minister of Economy and Industry Dr. Petko Nikolov said at the opening of the forum ‘The demographic future of Bulgaria. Investment in technology, infrastructure and human capital’.

‘The Ministry of Economy and Industry is working to keep people in Bulgaria by creating new jobs and incentives for development’, Minister Nikolov said. He added that the MЕI is also committed to encourage the return of our compatriots from abroad. ‘When the institutions and the business join efforts, we will be able to convince young people to return to Bulgaria’, said Dr Nikolov.

‘In times of shortage of human resources, our country must be able to develop and invest to the maximum extent in the capacity of the existing and future human capital’, the minister further stressed. In his words, overcoming regional disparities in economic development are key to the demographic revival of our country.

Dr. Petko Nikolov announced that the policies implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Industry are aimed at attracting foreign investors and creating conditions for business in smaller settlements as a measure against the demographic crisis. According to him, this involves creating an industrial ecosystem by building industrial parks across the country. The Minister recalled that one of the main problems that investors in Bulgaria face is the lack of qualified workforce.

He also said that active programmes for dual education were being considered in the medium term, with priority being given to areas where there was a need to create new jobs and those that were changing their economic profile.

Minister Nikolov highlighted the fact that almost two-thirds of small and medium-sized enterprises are located in five of Bulgaria’s major cities, and 42% of the total value added of the production is generated in Sofia. Dr Nikolov added that the North-Western region is the least developed with a share of 5.6% of the total value added.

In the forum organized by the newspaper. ‘Standard’ and dedicated to the demographic future of Bulgaria, was attended by economists, lecturers, scientists, trade union representatives, ministers and politicians. Among them were the Social Minister Ivaylo Ivanov, the Minister of Health Dr. Galya Kondeva, the Dean of the Medical Faculty at Sofia University Prof. Lyubomir Spasov, Vice-Chairman of The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists of Bulgaria (CEIB/KRIB) prof. Nikolay Valkanov et al.