Minister Nikolov demanded the resignations of the management of LB Bulgaricum

Minister Nikolov demanded the resignations of the management of LB Bulgaricum

The Minister of Economy and Industry Dr. Petko Nikolov held a meeting with the employees of the company LB Bulgaricum EAD, who took protest actions yesterday. It was also attended by the management of the enterprise and trade union representatives. During the meeting, a number of problems were highlighted and demands were made for an increase in basic wages, for the provision of specialised work clothing, for compliance with working conditions and the time-tabling schedules, etc. The disturbed dialogue between workers and management was highlighted.

Staff also reported a large amount of stockpiled finished products that risk not being marketed.

At the meeting, Dr. Petko Nikolov demanded the resignations of the entire management of LB Bulgaricum and ordered the State Consolidation Company (SCC), which is the principal of the company, to take the necessary actions for an urgent replacement and registration of a new board. The Minister of Economy directed to develop conditions under which to work in the shortest possible time to increase wages by up to 30%. Dr. Petko Nikolov also ordered to consider all possibilities for modernization of LB Bulgaricum and to ensure normal working conditions by fulfilling the prescriptions of the Labour Inspectorate.

The Minister stressed the strategic importance of LB Bulgaricum for the Bulgarian dairy industry and was adamant that it is necessary to restore the social dialogue between the workers and the management of the company and to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.