Minister Bogdanov: Inflation Declines for Another Month

Minister Bogdanov: Inflation Declines for Another Month

Inflation declines for another month. This was announced in the studio of ‘Hello, Bulgaria’ by the Minister of Economy Bogdan Bogdanov. However, he said, purchasing power is the more important parameter that should excite people. Bogdanov explained that it depends on the increase in income.

Foreign investments in our country are 60% more compared to 2022. ‘According to data from the Bulgarian National Bank, foreign direct investments have increased by 60% in the first four months of the year compared to 2022,’ the Minister said. He pointed out that two large international companies are currently investing nearly BGN 100 million in Bulgaria.

Minister Bogdanov: Inflation Declines for Another Month

Bogdan Bogdanov is adamant that Bulgaria should strengthen its own production of goods and rely less on imports.

He also commented on fuel prices after the MPs took away the concession of the port Rosenets from Lukoil. There is no problem, assured the Minister of Economy. ‘There is no need to scare the public that we have run out of fuel. Fuels in Bulgaria are among the best in prices in Europe. There are no grounds for concern,’ Bogdanov added.

According to the Minister, it is extremely important that the state budget is adopted and this should not be delayed any longer.