The Minister of Economy: The change of the SCC leadership was a must

The Minister of Economy: The change of the SCC leadership was a must

We need a change in the leadership of the State Consolidation Company and I made that very clear yesterday when I introduced the new SCC team. There are activities in the Ministry that need less politics and more expertise. This is what Bogdan Bogdanov, Minister of Economy, said in the studio of “The Day Begins”.

According to him, such are the managements of the public enterprises, commercial enterprises under the ministry with which the public is actually familiar with.

“Changing some people for others does not solve the problem. But it is needed when we see that there is ineffective management. The team, which was in the SCC until last week, in the end I personally believe that it has not done its job for a year and a bit more since it was appointed by the minister of the caretaker cabinet Nikola Stoyanov”, Bogdanov clarified.

According to him, for the second year in a row, SCC has not submitted its annual financial report on time, which is a violation of the law.

“When it’s nearly 18 months after the end of the period – that’s June 2022, when the 2021 accounts were due to be filed, and nearly two years we haven’t had an annual financial report. There has been some reaction from the Ministry, one report has been submitted with a special opinion from an auditor, it has not been accepted, it has been returned. At the same time, these reports have not been submitted and have not been published, which is in violation of the law,” the Minister explained.

Another problem is the efficiency of the company’s management.

“We want to have some predictability, not only towards the SCC, which is the ‘umbrella’ of some 10 other companies currently active, but we need to know what the objectives of these companies are, what the business program is, what the criteria are by which we assess their performance. The SCC itself has no business program,” Bogdan Bogdanov explained.

He also added that a restructuring of the State Consolidation Company is being considered and the new board will be temporary until a competition is announced.

See the full conversation in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pgoxFMhYqg