Minister Loukarsky: Bulgaria will work to attract more Italian investors

Minister Loukarsky: Bulgaria will work to attract more Italian investors

“We will do our best to enhance the interest of Italian investors in Bulgaria.” This was stated by Minister Loukarsky at a meeting with the Ambassador of Italy in Bulgaria Hon. Marco Konticheli. According to the Italian Ambassador, the Italian associations have demonstrated a strong presence in Bulgaria being currently represented by more than 1,000 companies. Both Minister Loukarsky and Ambassador Konticheli desire to attract new investment in the country through joint efforts. This will reinforce the leading position of Italy as a key trade partner and a major investor in our country.

The Ministry of Economy has conducted several occasions over the last year to promote the interest of Italian companies for new investment or expansion of their investment presence in Bulgaria. At the beginning of 2015 our country will be promoted as a suitable location for Italian investment in the city of Torino. More than 50 companies have expressed interest for participation.

The meeting also discussed joint initiatives to be carried out in Bulgaria as to present the advantages of our country as an investment destination for Italian business.

Currently, Italy ranks third after Germany and Turkey in the export of Bulgarian goods and eighth in the ranking of the leading investors in Bulgaria. For the period January – October 2014, exports reached EUR 1 667.5 M, marking a decrease of 2% compared to the same period in 2013. In the same time period from 1996 to 2013, the Italian investments in Bulgaria amounted to EUR 1,401B . A number of Italian companies stated their interest in Bulgaria, as the areas as energy, infrastructure, banking, insurance, agriculture, tourism, food and etc. has been outlined as prospective.