Minister Loukarsky: IBA and ASME to set up regional offices in Plovdiv

Minister Loukarsky: IBA and ASME to set up regional offices in Plovdiv

InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) and Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) will set up regional offices in Plovdiv.” Thas was stated by the Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsky after a meeting held with the Mayor of Plovdiv Ivan Totev, the District Governor Rosalyn Petkov and the mayors of the region associated with Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ).

This will help to present the forums and exhibitions zones, as well as local business and industry, Loukarsky said.

Representatives of the zone requested the government for assistance in construction the infrastructure to the zone and in particular the roundabout at the entrance and Golyamokonarsko road that connects the area with the city.

Mr. Totev, the Mayor of Plovdiv, thanked for the support and for the idea of establishing offices in Plovdiv, which, as he said, will contribute to economic development in the region.

Minister Loukarsky said he was impressed by the work that has been done in the construction zone so far and as well as by the great opportunities for development.

Trakia economic zone is one of the largest economic projects in Bulgaria which includes six major industrial zones in the region of Plovdiv. The recent investment in all zones has amounted to over UER 1 billion. The total area of TEZ is 10 700 000 m², of which 3 250 000 m² is already occupied.

From the start of the 1st industrial zone Maritza in 1995 over 100 investors located their sites in the region, of which 80 multinational, opening over 12,000 jobs. Initiators of TEZ are Sienit Holding, industrial land developer, and KCM, ferrous-metal producer, together with 9 municipalities.