Minister Loukarsky: Ukraine is an alternative market for Bulgarian products in terms of sanctions on Russia

Minister Loukarsky: Ukraine is an alternative market for Bulgarian products in terms of sanctions on Russia

“Currently, Bulgarian exporters are suffering serious loss due to the economic policies implemented by Russia of restricting the Bulgarian products access to the Russian market”. This was stated by Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsky during a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine Mykola Baltazhi. The Minister pointed out that our country will focus its efforts on finding alternative markets and expressed hope that Ukraine may be one of them. He defined the current status of Bulgarian producers, particularly of agricultural products, such as vacuum, which may be overcome by providing new markets and boosting the trade with the existing reliable partners. He added that a number of producers have reported for production being stopped at the Russian border despite the contracts signed and payments executed thereto.

“The position of the Reform Bloc and the government is to support the imposition of EU sanctions against Russia and I do not think there is a reason for their reduction or cancellation”, said Minister Loukarsky. In his words, Bulgaria, as a front bridge in this confrontation with Russia, suffers consequences, but politically we do not cede in supporting the Ukrainian people in their demand for territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. In view of the fact that EU sanctions will continue we will endure many impacts, but we are firm in upholding human values we defend as a government “, added Minister Loukarsky.

Ambassador Baltazhi expressed gratitude for the Bulgarian support, saying that the situation in his country is not only a matter of the Ukraine’s future, but also of the protection of European values and the European and global security.

“I hope that the joint efforts will result in gaining more serious value of the Bulgarian-Ukrainian trade relations both as an alternative to the Russian market and something else, in which Bulgaria can be useful to Ukraine”, added Minister Lukarski.

During the meeting , they discussed the opportunities for strengthening trade and economic relations between the two countries through joint initiatives, including organization of a business forum and a meeting of the bilateral commission in spring.