Minister Loukarsky: “We are working on reducing of administrative burdens on businesses”

Minister Loukarsky: “We are working on reducing of administrative burdens on businesses”

Inspections of pyrotechnic articles and toys will be carried out

“We are working on improving the investment climate in Bulgaria and regaining the institutions confidence. Our efforts are aimed at reducing of the administrative burden and ensuring a favorable and predictable business environment”. That was stated by the Minister of Economy Bojidar Loukarsky at the ceremony opening the modernized plant Verila Lubricants AD , part of Prista Oil.

“The promotion of investment in high-tech industries, which are being considered as the engine of any economy, is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Economy”, said Loukarsky. He congratulated the management of the company for their intention to invest an additional funds amounting at EUR 1, 5 mln in a modernization and an improvement in the productivity of the plant for greases. “This investment will contribute to the sustainable development of both the local and national economy”, the Minister explicitly stated.

In his view, the legislative amendments to the Public Procurement Act are completely required in order to conduct a transparent policy: “This framework involves the development of the Bulgarian economy and spending of EU funds”. He said the main changes foreseen under the new bill are related to the electronic provision of the tenders carried out under the public procurement and the unification of the documents as well. Strengthening the role of the Public Procurement Agency is considered as another measure which will ensure greater efficiency.

“With regard to the government’s fight against corruption, I ordered the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance to carry out an inspection of the breathalyzers and radar being used the Traffic Police”. The Economy Minister announced that act as a measure taken against multiplied signals for using private or uncertified radar and breathalyzers by the officers of the Ministry of Interior. “In view of the forthcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays, inspections of pyrotechnic articles and toys will be carried out, Minister Loukarsky said. The inspection aims at ensuring health and safety of each of us and our children”, he added.