Minister Nikola Stojanov: Bulgarian Exports Exceeds BGN 68 Billion in 2021

Minister Nikola Stojanov: Bulgarian Exports Exceeds BGN 68 Billion in 2021

Bulgarian exports in 2021 exceeds BGN 68 billion. This is what the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov said and pointed out that this figure is also indicative of the work done by our commercial attachés abroad. He took part in the annual ceremony of awarding the economic advisers on long-term secondment to the Offices for Trade and Economic Affairs (OTEA), which the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) traditionally organizes.

Minister Nikola Stojanov presented the Grand Prize for the most successful Commercial Attaché for 2021 to Ivaylo Marinov, Economic Adviser at the Office for Trade and Economic Affairs in Romania. “Romanian investments in our country grew by 370% in 2021. Although this increase is against the backdrop of the pandemic 2020, it is indicative of the active work to promote investment opportunities in Bulgaria,” said the economic minister. A serious growth of our exports of nearly 40% has also been registered, with its total value exceeding BGN 6.8 billion. The Minister of Economy also drew attention to all the challenges related to the migrant crisis, on which the Ministry’s representative in our northern neighbour also provided assistance.

The second place was awarded to the economic advisor in Austria Emilian Abadzhiev, and the third – to OTEA – Poland: Yordan Draganchev.

“It is a positive trend that our exports to Austria are also increasing by over 50% in 2021, which also marks a reversal of the post-Covid pandemic trends, including to leading manufacturers in Europe,” said Nikola Stojanov and expressed hope that this result will be built upon this year. He also drew attention to the results in Poland, which also saw a significant increase in our trade. Bulgaria has exported goods worth over BGN 1.7 billion to this country, which is an increase of nearly 30%.

Encouragement awards were also given to Bozhidar Patinov – accredited OTEA Luxembourg, Alexander Angelov – OTEA Serbia, and Toshko Tomov – OTEA Türkiye.

“Any methodology for determining winners will have a dose of subjectivism. So I want to stress that I appreciate the work of each of you. This is a formal occasion to congratulate yourselves for all the successes you have achieved as a team,” Minister Stojanov said at the ceremony.

The awards for the most successful Commercial Attachés (Commercial and Economic Affairs Offices) are being presented for the 11th time. The BCCI’s ranking was developed jointly with the Ministry of Economy and is based on the increase in Bulgarian exports to the respective country and foreign investments attracted to Bulgaria. The results of the survey of BCCI members on their satisfaction with the work of the commercial attachés in the different countries are also reported.