Minister Nikola Stojanov: We are expecting nearly 100 million euros of investments from Germany

Minister Nikola Stojanov: We are expecting nearly 100 million euros of investments from Germany

Investment projects of German companies for nearly 100 million euros are launched. This was announced by the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov in the morning news of BNT. Yesterday evening, he returned from Germany, where a number of talks were held with companies looking for new locations or expansion of their business.

He clarified that these are companies in the automotive components and information and communication technology sectors. “We are talking about projects that will start in a few months and that will create 3,500 jobs,” the economy minister explained. According to him, our country is very close to attracting one of the biggest sports brands in the world, which is considering the possibility of opening a technology centre in the country. “I told them a lot about Sofia Tech Park and they showed serious interest in it, I expect to welcome them next month in Bulgaria,” he added.

“Bulgaria is interesting for the German and European business in the ICT sector mainly because of the trained staff we have”, Nikola Stojanov said and congratulated the business and universities for their consistent work. “This is a historic moment and our government is doing everything in its power to take advantage of the expected wave of European investment in the region,” Minister Stojanov stressed.

“My opinion is that everything about the construction contracts in the VMZ should be made known and handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office.” This is how the Economy Minister commented on the scandal reported by the State Consolidation Company (SCC) yesterday. We recall that they made public a report by the Centre for Research and Design at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACG), according to which the previous management of the VMZ, without tendering and competition, awarded construction contracts with a profit margin of 60% to construction companies named by them.

Minister Stojanov recalled the chronology of these construction contracts. On 2 August the Board of Directors of VMZ decided to start repair works for a total cost of about BGN 6 million. On 3 August, three construction companies had already been selected without clear criteria. On 4 August, the contracts with them were signed, with no specifics on what exactly will be repaired for the amounts mentioned. On 8 August, VMZ paid 50% of the advance on these contracts, or about BGN 3 million. It was not until 17 August that Annexes to the construction contracts were signed, which already specify the scope of the works.