Minister Nikola Stojanov: We will be the voice of business in government

Minister Nikola Stojanov: We will be the voice of business in government

Or first-priority task is to prepare the economy for the coming winter. This was said by the Minister of Economy and Industry, Nikola Stojanov, during the presentation of the priorities of the ministry he leads. According to him, the main topics for businesses and households are the increased prices of fuel and electricity, as well as the security of gas supplies, and they will be the focus of the institution’s agenda.

“We initiated a survey of Bulgarian businesses in order to obtain the real picture – how many Bulgarian enterprises operate on gas, how many have alternatives and how quickly they can adapt if supplies decrease or stop,” Minister Stojanov announced. He explained that the Ministry is actively working in the established Crisis Staff to the Council of Ministers and this data will be provided to make the best decisions for our industry. A meeting has already been held with the control bodies of the Ministry for more fuel-related inspections. Currently, a small percentage of violations are detected, and this trend should be preserved, he pointed out. “With the control activity, we aim at peace of mind for consumers, but without additional pressure for decent businesses,” the Minister of Economy also said.

Another focus in the work of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in the coming months will consist of measures to improve the business environment. “We will maintain an active dialogue and specific measures with business, an analysis of regulations and changes where this can happen without an active National Assembly,” he added. The minister was downright in his opinion that, despite the limited time horizon, there are areas in which positive changes are possible with the will and active work of the institutions. “The ultimate goal is to improve Bulgaria’s performance in international business rankings, and this would also be a signal to foreign investors for a more orderly economy, with clear and transparent rules,” said Nikola Stojanov.

“The annual meeting of trade representatives is coming up, in order to identify measures for implementation now and immediately, because tomorrow will be late,” said Minister Stojanov regarding the foreign economic policy. In this area, a focus is planned not only on attracting new investors, but also on supporting Bulgarian enterprises to maintain positions in traditional markets and enter new ones.

Nikola Stojanov stressed that he will actively work with the Ministry of Innovation and Growth on issues related to the investment climate and investment environment. “Every crisis is also an opportunity,” he said and cited an international survey, according to which ¼ of European companies are considering relocation of their investments to Asia. “Now is the time for Bulgaria to be active and for us to do everything we can to better position ourselves as an investment destination,” said the Minister of Eonomy.

During the event, Minister Stojanov also presented the team he will work with in the ministry. Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova is a graduate of the Stanford University in the USA. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics from St. Olaf College, Northfield, USA. She was a vice president of one of the largest telecoms in the USA. She has experience in financial supervision and business development.

“For me as a person, continuity is extremely important and I judge everyone by their professional qualities. That is why Dimitar Danchev, who was deputy minister until now, remains in the team and we will work together to speed up all the good initiatives,” said Minister Stojanov. He emphasised his extensive experience in the public and private sectors. In the past, he was also Head of the Commercial and Economic Office in Munich, which will be valuable to the new ministry team.