Minister Sedlarski initiated the signing of a preliminary Contract between NCIZ and CEZ

Minister Sedlarski initiated the signing of a preliminary Contract between NCIZ and CEZ

At the initiative of Minister Teodor Sedlarski a meeting was held between investors from National Company Industrial Zones EAD /NCIZ/ and CEZ Razpredelenie (Distribution) Bulgaria EAD. The Deputy Minister of Economy Lyubomir Ganchev and representatives of the Ministry of Energy also attended the meeting. The initiative is a continuation of the commitment undertaken by Minister Sedlarski to find a solution for a problem brought up by the investors related to the electric power supply in Economic Zone Sofia – Bozhurishte.

The insufficient capacities needed for the supply of Economic Zone Sofia – Bozhurishte were commented during the meeting as well as the absence of a valid preliminary Contract between NCIZ and CEZ, which is a necessary prerequisite for the completion of the documentation for the issuance of a construction permit. A preliminary Contract was concluded as a result of the meeting with CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria EAD, which a possibility was anticipated in, in event of an increase of the capacities that the Contract should be amended in case of reached mutual consent. They guaranteed at the meeting from CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria EAD that at confirmation for an available capacity by Electricity System Operator EAD, they are ready to annex the concluded preliminary Contract. In this connection simultaneously with its signing, a request was submitted for the increase of the provided capacity to CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria EAD, by which the commitment undertaken was observed and a decision was provided as of today’s date.

The Ministry of Economy also rendered cooperation to Company Climbmat, which is a subsidiary of Walltopia, for the solution of one of the problems brought up by the Investor Ivaylo Penchev with regard to the supply of electricity on the territory of his investment design in Economic Zone Sofia – Bozhurishte. The problem was solved, for which the Ministry of Economy expresses gratitude to CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria EAD for the cooperation rendered for the attraction of large-scale investors to Bulgaria.