Minister Sedlarski participated in the Conference “European Digital Day”

Minister Sedlarski participated in the Conference “European Digital Day”

The Minister of Economy Teodor Sedlarski participated in the Conference “European Digital Day”, which was held in Rome. The Conference is a part of the initiatives, which the 60th anniversary of Roman Treaties is celebrated by. In his official greetings at the forum the Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip pointed out the role of the digital technologies for the future of Europe: “If coal and steel were in the heart of the European economies in the past, nowadays these are the data and the digital technologies“.

With his speech Minister Sedlarski aroused the interest of leading political figures and key industrial companies, emphasizing the attractiveness of Bulgaria as a strategic center for investments with traditions of many years in the IТ sector. The Economic Minister presented the excellent possibilities of the entrepreneur’s eco-system and described Bulgaria as a destination for the attraction of foreign talents and for the development of Industry 4.0.

The Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip especially distinguished the statement of the Bulgarian Minister: “Minister Sedlarski presented the convincing example of Bulgaria as a Balkan digital hub: the skills, the innovators are here, the connections with the technological centers and the start-up eco-system are here as well.”

Minister Sedlarski announced that Bulgaria is in a process of enhanced preparation and realization of initiatives related to the accelerated development of Industry 4.0 and that on 31 March an international conference will be organized in connection with the positioning of our country in the digital economy. The statement of the Minister generated an interest in the participants in the forum and brought up a multitude of questions related to the sharing of good practices. Minister Sedlarski drew the attention to the potential of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Sector and underlined the significance for the attainment of synergy amongst the various branches. “Bulgaria is a regional hub with an enormous potential,” he concluded.