Minister Teodor Sedlarski: I find out a lot of Economic Ambassadors of Bulgaria throughout the world in a town such as Ruse

Minister Teodor Sedlarski: I find out a lot of Economic Ambassadors of Bulgaria throughout the world in a town such as Ruse

Minister Sedlarski visited enterprises in the town of Ruse and the region

The Minister of Economy Teodor Sedlarski visited the world leader in the production of aluminum articles for the automobile industry Montupet EOOD (LTD). The Deputy Minister of Economy, Lachezar Borisov, the Vice President and Industrial Director for Bulgaria and France of Montupet, Michael Brison, the Managing Director of Montupet Bulgaria Frank Gate and the President of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce Stephane Delahaye attended the meeting.

During the working meeting Mr. Stephane Delahaye made presentation of the Company and acquainted Minister Sedlarski and his team with the main scope of business of the Company, the policy of work and the future investment intentions. It became clear within the framework of the discussion that Montupet offers a number of internship programmes to students and pupils from the region as an expression of its social commitment. Representatives of the Company clarified that they work in close connection with the Technical University in Ruse, as a result of which they do not experience shortage of qualified manpower. About 1000 persons work in Montupet as of this time and there is a tendency for its expansion.

From its entry into Bulgaria in 2006 up to now the French Company invested 100 million Euro into its enterprise in Ruse, due to which it was distinguished as an Investor of the Year in the automobile industry for 2007 and 2013. “In 2005 we hesitated where to start up our business – in Romania or in Bulgaria, but today we are sure that we have made the proper decision because we feel exceptionally happy and calm in developing our production in Bulgaria”, Mr. Brison was categorical. In conclusion he added that his desire is that they should be an example for a successful organization which is in an open and honest dialogue with the Bulgarian institutions.

Minister Sedlarski and his team declared that they rely on a future fruitful cooperation between the Investor, the Ministry of Economy and all the authorities of the central and local power. The desire for support at an institutional level for possible new highly technological investments in Bulgaria was emphasized as a conclusion from the meeting.

During his visit the Economic Minister had the possibility to test training virtual reality for operators. This innovative project was created by the RND Department of Montupet and allows the operators to get acquainted with the specifics of casting or quality control. This Project was initiated in collaboration with Reviatech, the University of Technology of Compiègne and with the participation of French regional funds.

During his tour in the region of Ruse Minister Sedlarski also visited a quarry for extraction of quartz-kaolin raw materials of Kaolin EAD (JSC) – the sole company in Southeastern Europe which provides the full range of industrial minerals for the production of glass and ceramics. It became clear in his talk with the Chief Executive Officer of Kaolin Dr. Wolf Harlfinger and with the Executive Director Dimitar Angelov that the sole owner of Kaolin – the Group Quarzwerke GmbH – in the last two years has reinvested the entire profit from the production of its Bulgarian company in continuing modernization of the production capacities, renovation and expansion of the production machines, provision of raw materials as well as improvement of the working conditions of the employees and the workers. According to their words this tendency which is ratified as a formula of success will be continued also this year. “Our mission is to demonstrate that there is an alternative way for the return of the young people to the region, that there is a reason for their remaining here”, Wolf Harlfinger emphasized sharing that he himself made a decision to live in Bulgaria for a long term. In this connection a focus was placed onto the dual training which according to the words of Dimitar Angelov will solve the problem with the shortage of qualified manpower. Minister Sedlarski pointed out that the dual system of training is a priority in the work of the Ministry of Economy, which will guarantee sustainability between the education and the business. The representatives of Kaolin were also interested in the possibilities for application under procedure “Enhancement of the Energy Efficiency in Big Enterprises” of Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness”.

Within the framework of his visit the Economic Minister also visited Free Zone – Ruse EAD, which is a part of National Company Industrial Zones (NCIZ). The Executive Director of the Zone Zvezdelina Minkova acquainted Minister Sedlarski with the potential of the industrial terrains, the modern infrastructure, the excellent geographical location and shared that as of February 2017 nearly all the production and warehouse premises were occupied.

At the end of his tour Minister Sedlarski distinguished Ruse as a region with a big investment potential which by right could turn the local investments into Economic Ambassadors of Bulgaria throughout the world.