The Ministry of Economy and Industry Announced a Competition for Trade Representatives of Bulgaria in Seven Countries

The Ministry of Economy and Industry Announced a Competition for Trade Representatives of Bulgaria in Seven Countries

Destinations include Brazil, Argentina, Canada and the USA

The Ministry of Economy and Industry has announced a competition for sales representatives in the Trade and Economic Affairs Offices (TEAO) of the Republic of Bulgaria in the following cities: Ottawa, Canada; Brazil, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jakarta, Indonesia; Abuja, Nigeria; Pretoria, South Africa; Washington, DC; and Chicago, USA.

‘When I took office, Bulgaria did not have commercial attachés in 1/3 of the key countries with which we have developed economic ties. Many of them were unscrupulously recalled or dismissed’, Minister Nikola Stojanov stressed. According to him, the policy of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in recent months has been aimed at restarting the activities of the non-operational trade offices around the world, but also at changing the way the TEAO works. ‘We have created a model for evaluating the performance of commercial attachés that has not existed before. In this way we will stimulate all sales representatives to be more active and result-oriented”, Minister Stojanov further said.

According to the instructions of the Minister of Economic Affairs, all procedures for commercial attachés, which the Ministry of Economic Affairs announces, are conducted as transparently as possible, with the aim of involving more participants and ensuring competitive selection. ‘That is why we are announcing the new competitions to the media and we hope that this will help us to recruit qualified people who will contribute to more investments and increased exports,’ Nikola Stojanov added.

According to the requirements of the advertised competition for 8 sales representatives, candidates must hold a Master’s degree and have an excellent command of the official language or the commonly accepted language of the country for which they are applying.

The candidate should have a good knowledge of the economic development, foreign economic and trade relations, as well as of Bulgaria’s bilateral relations with the specific country applied for. It is also necessary to be familiar with the Bulgarian regulatory framework related to the activities of the TEAO as well as the investment, trade and customs policies of our country.

The deadline for submission of documents is 21 April 2023, and applicants who are admitted to the next stage of the procedure will have to submit a written concept containing an analysis of bilateral foreign economic and trade relations with the country and potential opportunities for investment and trade. The competition also includes an interview of the candidate with the members of the Selection Board and a verification of the foreign language skills by an external expert before the Board.

Detailed information about the competition is available HERE.

New procedures for the selection of trade representatives will be announced in the coming days, it became clear from the words of the Minister of Economy. ‘Therefore, all those interested should follow the website of the ministry and I hope more people will submit documents,’ Nikola Stojanov stressed.