The Ministry of Economy and Industry Establishes a Direct Contact with Foreign Business in the Country

The Ministry of Economy and Industry Establishes a Direct Contact with Foreign Business in the Country

On the initiative of the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov, a direct communication link between him and the representatives of foreign business in Bulgaria is already functioning. Companies have the opportunity to submit their concerns and issues through a dedicated channel on a mobile app or via email, which are dealt with by the line minister on an operational basis.

The aim is to create a more effective and fast communication between the business and the Minister of Economy, which will allow his direct engagement with the issues raised. ‘The initiative is another mechanism for improving dialogue and coordination with companies operating in the country,’ Minister Stojanov said.

In his words, foreign companies represent a significant part of business in Bulgaria. Investments in Bulgaria from EU countries alone exceed EUR 38 billion. ‘Our goal is not just to increase investment volumes, but also its added value. We are focusing efforts to attract companies that will also offer much more competitive pay to their employees. For this to happen, however, the improvement of the business environment is key, and the possibility of direct communication with the executive is a good prerequisite for this,’ Nikola Stojanov further emphasized.

We remind you that in October last year Minister Stojanov launched a series of meetings in the format of ‘breakfast with investors’. Companies from abroad present in an informal environment the problems they encounter in Bulgaria and their potential development plans. So far, a series of meetings have already been held with some of the country’s largest trading partners, including Austria, Germany, Italy, France, the US and others. At the discussions held, the companies and foreign chambers of commerce agreed that the disclosure of such a direct contact link would be a strong signal to them.