Ministry of Economy initiates intensified checks on the market during the holidays

“All goods not meeting the established parameters of certifying in compliance with the European and Bulgarian legislation shall be considered dangerous. This includes even goods that do not have written instructions for usage and safety on them. That is why we are going to do the regular inspections more frequent in order to ensure safety and health for each of us and for our children”. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva at the joint inspection about dangerous goods and children’s toys on the market organized today by the Ministry of Economy, State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) and the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP).

Deputy Minister Vezieva joined the teams of the inspectors of SAMTS and CCP, which checked some sites in the capital city regarding the trade with children’s goods. She was in the team visiting a shop which is part of a big commercial chain in the capital city, and the check of the children’s goods was made without disturbing the work in the shop.

“The problems related to the toys’ safety and conformity with the law within the scope of Directive 2009/48/ЕО being launched on the market, respectively the Ordinance on essential requirements and assessment of compliance of the toys (OERATC), which are among the most attractive products during Christmas and New Year’s holidays, may seem unimportant, but they are part of our daily round and are important to our children’s health and our own health”, Deputy Minister Vezieva pointed out. In her opinion, the regular inspections in December are especially important because now, just before the upcoming holidays, the interest to the purchase of toys is increased.

She mentioned that the most frequently happening offences are those of labelling and contents of toys, the lack of standardization with European requirements, as well as the lack of translation of the usage manual or warnings.

In the presence of journalists, during the inspection itself, Deputy Minister Vezieva emphasized the important role of controlling because it leads to improvement of the quality of the goods offered. She explicitly stated that we must comply with all the requirements of general European legislation.

“We are all parents and we are always trying to please our children, especially before the Christmas holidays, we must be more careful and read the labels and instructions, because eventually, we, the parents are part of this process”, Deputy Minister of Economy invoked.