On 15 November the campaign “Affordable for you” is launched

On 15 November the campaign “Affordable for you” is launched

The aim of the initiative is to achieve permanently low prices for Bulgarian consumers of basic food products

You can learn more about the campaign and the partners of the Ministry of Economy and Industry on the official platform of the initiative – https://dostopnozavas.bg/

From 15 November (Wednesday), the Ministry of Economy and Industry, together with all those who have already signed the Declaration of Partnership, is launching the “Affordable for you” initiative. It aims to achieve permanently low prices for Bulgarian consumers of basic food products.

The initiative will be implemented in phases in partnership between the Ministry and the individual retail chains voluntarily accepting the terms of the initiative. The scope of the campaign provides for the provision of seven product groups from the small consumer basket, meeting the usual quality requirements and containing all the necessary products for a varied diet.

The campaign starts with a focus on a minimum of 50 products from the small consumer basket. Of these, at least 16 products per store must be marked with the campaign logo. The Ministry of Economy relies on market mechanisms and free competition, aiming at better prices for Bulgarian consumers, formed on the market principle and through the voluntary partnership between the state and the business. The campaign is being launched in stages in partnership with outlets from the larger retail chains, with talks also underway with smaller regional ones.

To raise consumer awareness, each outlet that has joined the campaign will use the “Affordable for you” logo. It will be positioned next to the merchandise that is offered that particular week.

Each week the participating retailers will offer food at the lowest possible price for them from several main groups — bread and cereals, pulses, meat and meat products, dairy products, eggs, fruit and vegetables, animal and vegetable oils and fats. The product basket for that particular week will be included in the chains’ brochures, including their digital editions.

The Ministry of Economy continues discussions with all potential partners willing to join the campaign, with the idea of reaching consumers in every location.

The campaign is not intended to affect producers or distributors further down the supply chain, on the contrary it encourages retailers to work more closely with them. The “Affordable for you” initiative is being carried out in line with the mechanism in the so called the European Commission’s “Green Paper” on best practices between retailers in the supply chain, which mainly looks at food products.

On a weekly basis, the Ministry of Economy and Industry will conduct analysis to monitor price dynamics. In the next stage, through the department’s website, in a specially prepared platform, users will be able to choose a product suitable for them and see where they can buy it.

The campaign should ensure consumer awareness and accessibility to the basic food products in the small consumer basket by offering them at the lowest possible prices, based on the principles of competitiveness, without negatively affecting other economic actors.