New “LB BULGARICUM” EAD products launched on the market

From the beginning of the next year, “LB BULGARICUM” EAD will be offering some of their most recent products on Bulgarian market. After conversations held, as well as analysis of the development opportunities, completely innovative developments of the specialized scientific centre at the company, healthy lifestyle oriented, will be launched for production.

In the new range of company’s products, the existing technologies for production of starter cultures and traditional dairy products are built up by tracking, testing and application of the latest achievements of microbiology, medicine and health science.

Some of the latest products of the company are poly-bacterial chemicals and healthy ferments, for which various lactic acid bacteria were selected, having experimentally proved their favorable properties in terms of cholesterol reduction, antioxidant properties and immunomodulation. The chemicals have their use as a food additive in dry condition, encapsulated or as aggregates to fermented kinds of milk.

Another innovative product that will be offered on the market is ferments for white brined cheese and soft types of cheese with increased content of biologically active peptides. Peptides are a natural product of biological maturing of cheese, but only a fraction of them have biological activity. With the ferment developed, peptides are accumulated in the finished product, which promotes the prevention of high blood pressure, the absorption of calcium, the activity of the immune system etc. Currently, final production tests and clinical testing of finished products are being carried out.

The first sales of the bakery products company’s new ferment, which was designed to provide a product with improved taste and increased durability, are already a fact. The ferment contains lactic acid bacteria, which affect favorably the acidity of sour dough and suppress the growth of certain fungi.

Development and introduction of innovative products of “LB BULGARICUM” EAD is due to the company’s aim to maintain its leadership position as a manufacturer of starter cultures through continuous efforts to improve their competitiveness.