A New Investment for BGN 30 Million Was Opened in Kostinbrod Industrial Zone

A New Investment for BGN 30 Million Was Opened in Kostinbrod Industrial Zone

Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Irina Shtonova inaugurated an investment worth BGN 30 million of the company Rollplast Grup AD in the Kostinbrod Industrial Zone. The project includes a new administration building and an extension of the company’s production facility.

‘The success of any company is also success for the Bulgarian economy and therefore new investments in Bulgarian companies are good news for the whole sector,’ Irina Shtonova said. She added that the most successful option for getting out of the crises is to increase the productivity of Bulgarian industry.

Svetlin Nikolchev, CEO of Rollplast Grup AD, explained that the company already operates on five continents and is currently exploring the possibility of expanding to Antarctica. According to him, due to the significant automation of processes today, a much higher volume of production is produced in a shorter technological time. The latest expansion provides 30 new jobs, now exceeding 500 for the entire company.

The mayor of Kostinbrod Trayko Mladenov pointed out that the municipality is actively working to build a road link that will provide better connectivity between the Industrial Zone and the town of Kostinbrod. Traykov also said that a project is being prepared to separate the industrial sites in the city as a common industrial zone, which will apply for funding from the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

Rollplast Grup AD’s investments to date exceed BGN 110 million and the company has 53 own exhibition centres, 49 warehouses and 144 franchise partners in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia and Greece. One of their strategic goals is to achieve a 50% share of exports, and a sales network is to be established in Croatia.