Five days to go until the deadline for applications for sales representatives abroad

Five days to go until the deadline for applications for sales representatives abroad

Five days are left until the deadline for applications for the competition announced by the Ministry of Economy and Industry for sales representatives in the Trade and Economic Affairs Offices (STIV) of the Republic of Bulgaria. The last day for applicants to submit applications is 17 November 2023.

Due to increased interest in the competition, the original deadline of 3 November 2023 has been extended by 10 working days to allow more prepared candidates to participate in the competitions.

The selection procedure for long-term secondment to the STIV is open for 23 vacancies in 21 countries in three areas – “European countries”; “Russian Federation, CIS countries and Georgia” and “Asia, Africa, America and Australia”.

The competitions will be carried out according to transparent and competitive procedures. For the first time, the evaluation committee includes representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nationally represented employers’ organisations, experts from academia, educational institutions and NGOs. All of them have proven experience and expertise in the fields of foreign economic cooperation, trade, investment, business environment, international law and others, in view of the subject of the STIV’s activities.

According to the requirements of the competition, candidates must have a Master’s degree, be fluent in the commonly accepted language of the country they are applying for, and have a working knowledge of English. There are also specific requirements for knowledge of the economic development of the country applied for, the regulatory framework and the international obligations of the Republic of Bulgaria related to the specifics of the work in the STIV.

Candidates who will be admitted to the next stage of the procedure will have to submit an analysis of the existing bilateral foreign economic and trade relations of the Republic of Bulgaria with the respective country. The foreign language proficiency will be tested through a specialised examination to establish the level of proficiency and the digital competence will be tested through a specialised test.

The 23 vacancies for Sales Representatives in the Trade and Economic Affairs Offices are as follows — for 8 European cities — Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Oslo (with accreditation for Iceland), Bratislava, Istanbul, Prague and Bern (with accreditation for Liechtenstein); 13 positions for countries in Asia, Africa and America, which include: Algeria, Delhi, Jakarta (with possible accreditation for Singapore and Malaysia), Tehran, Amman, Ottawa, Doha, (with accreditation for Kuwait and Oman), Beijing, Havana, Dubai, Washington and Chicago; and two positions for CIS countries, which include Baku (with accreditation for Turkmenistan) and Almaty (with possible accreditation for Kyrgyzstan).

Detailed information about the competitions is available on the Ministry’s website at the following addresses:

— European Countries — https://t.ly/m40gk

— Russian Federation, CIS countries and Georgia https://t.ly/X-e2a

— Asia, Africa, Americas and Australia https://t.ly/GEo09

The results of the implemented procedures will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.