In 2023, we are celebrating 50 years of Bulgarian yogurt entering the Japanese market

In 2023, we are celebrating 50 years of Bulgarian yogurt entering the Japanese market

Next year marks half a century since Bulgarian yoghurt entered the Japanese market. In this regard, a programme of initiatives is being prepared to promote the anniversary, which was discussed at a meeting between the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov and H.E. Hiroshi Narahira, Ambassador of Japan to Bulgaria. The conversation was held at the request of the diplomat.

It is also planned to establish a Japanese-Bulgarian R&D centre in Bulgaria to develop new healthy dairy products for the Japanese market, it became clear during the meeting. H.E. Hiroshi Narahira highlighted the extremely fruitful cooperation between “LB Bulgaricum” and the Japanese company “Meiji”, which during these 50 years have made the Bulgarian yoghurt known and loved on the Japanese market.

“It is a cause for pride for me, but I also find irony in the fact that “LB Bulgaricum” is better known in Japan than in Bulgaria,” said Minister Stojanov and emphasized that a program is currently being prepared to make the state enterprise much more popular for Bulgarian consumers. “Celebrating the anniversary of the presence of yoghurt on the Japanese market is a good opportunity for us to promote LB Bulgaricum and the products it produces in Bulgaria as well,” added the Economy Minister.

The meeting focused on the investment opportunities in our country, in particular sectors of the Bulgarian economy and the incentives for foreign investors. Minister Stojanov stressed that one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Industry is to attract new investments with high added value. He also presented the initiative for regular meetings with representatives of foreign business in the country in the format of a working breakfast with the minister in charge and invited to organize a similar discussion with Japanese companies in the country. Ambassador Narahira welcomed the initiative and undertook that with the assistance of the Embassy of Japan in Sofia and the Japan-Bulgaria Business Association, efforts will be made to organize such a meeting.

The institutions are already actively working on the organization of the Bulgarian participation in the EXPO-2025 world exhibition, which will be held in Osaka, Japan, it became clear during the meeting. Minister Stojanov told Ambassador Narahira that an inter-departmental working group has been established and is directly involved in the organization of the world expo.